Eric Bischoff takes a shot at CM Punk

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Eric Bischoff takes a shot at CM Punk

During the latest podcast "83 Weeks", Eric Bischoff talked about the problems in the AEW backstage and in particular the post All Out press conference that would have sparked a fight in the locker room. Eric also reflected on CM Punk.

Eric Bischoff slams CM Punk

On CM Punk humiliating Tony Khan during the All Out media scrum, Eric Bischoff said: "The worst thing is that Phil Brooks (CM Punk), went to humiliate Tony Khan after All Out to let off steam.

He gutted him. Other people said some things about Tony that aren't very flattering, but he gets millions of dollars from Tony himself and then destroys his company making him look stupid as well. I think the way he humiliated Tony was unforgivable.

Nothing ever happened to me. like that. What happened bothered me so much, no one ever sat next to me in a media scrum and completely destroyed my company making me look like a complete idiot. It never happened and it didn't have to happen to Tony Khan either." If AEW were to side with the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega or CM Punk: “Let's say the Young Bucks were leaking inside information about what was going on behind the scenes in AEW and it's unacceptable.

They were leaking information to Dave Meltzer about CM Punk. I don't blame him for being angry for this reason. What I don't understand is the way he handled everything and the humiliation done to Tony Khan as a way to just let off steam.

That is the question. If that really happened, and the Young Bucks actually leaked something to Dave Meltzer and Meltzer posted those things as a way to sour Punk, it still doesn't give CM Punk the right to do what he did, to take millions.

dollars from the AEW and then completely destroy its federation. For that reason, I would get rid of CM Punk right away regardless of what happened and what caused that reaction from him. Punk's reaction, to me, was much more striking than the alleged circumstances that caused it.

I just can't imagine a scenario where you keep that guy working for you, despite everything. I really can't imagine a prerequisite for keeping it." Wrestling legend Dutch Mantell believes AEW should fire CM Punk and The Elite after their backstage altercation following All Out.

"If this were to happen in a regular company they'd all have been fired. They have to be fired. But now wrestling is different than a regular company you need these people they have more TV time than anybody else and all of a sudden you're going to fire them for them not being able to control themselves?"