Andrade El Idolo was deprived of a move

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Andrade El Idolo was deprived of a move

During a social exchange with a fan, Andrade El Idolo declared that he could no longer use a move that over the years has made him famous in the rings all over the world: the rotating elbow. In a September 1 tweet, the All Elite Wrestling star responded to a fan who shared a video of his famous nudge back from his fight against Johnny Gargano at NXT TakeOver Philadelphia.

The tweet also carried the description: "This Andrade spinning elbow to Johnny Gargano was absurd," with the luchador replying: "I can no longer use that move", with a confused face that perhaps hides a bit of resentment and bitterness.

There are no further details on the situation of course, but it is thought that it was the AEW itself that banned the move given the similarity with the Judas Effect of Chris Jericho, the most important athlete for the federation.

Maybe the truth will come out if Andrade has the chance to fight elsewhere for some event, but in the meantime, with the hope that he will come back soon, we can enjoy it performed by Charlotte Flair, his wife, who has adopted her for a few months.

Latest news on Andrade El Idolo

This is not the first time some news has been reported about Andrade El Idolo's plight since joining Tony Khan's company. In fact, previously he had not been able to perform during NJPW x Forbidden Door due to some problems related to AAA and CMLL, rival Mexican companies, since Andrade was working for the former, while the latter was in business with NJPW.

Beyond that, Charlotte Flair's husband had liked the tweet of a * fan, even if he then took it off trying to ignore it with a gif. The tweet carried the following words: “@TonyKhan so… you contracted @ToBeMiro in @AEW away from the rival company only to have him do what exactly? I never thought I'd say I'd get to the day when I'd say I miss #RusevDay.

It has been used worse on you than it was in WWE. The same thing goes for @AndradeElIdolo." WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett has attempted to get under the skin of Andrade El Idolo. “Literally. If he wasn’t married to he’s married to —How many opportunities is Andrade gonna get on a national stage? Tell Andrade to start making opportunities and succeed, it doesn’t happen. He latched on to the Nature Boy’s daughter to everything he’s got,” said Jarrett.