Surprising and shocking debut in AEW

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Surprising and shocking debut in AEW

In recent months, WWE had been releasing several NXT and main roster talents, with the now former Chairman Vince McMahon having decided to embark on a completely different journey and job with his WWE's third roster, compared to the work that his son-in-law Triple H had done in recent years.

Among the many fired, there was also the management of NXT in the middle, with names of the caliber of Samoa Joe, Dave Kapoor, Road Dogg and William Regal who were all fired overnight, because the Chairman of the WWE wanted a new spirit, a new lifeblood for his color show, but now back under the creative control of the Triple.

After Vince McMahon's farewell to the company, HHH has begun to sign several NXT and main roster athletes who instead the old Chairman had torpedoed, as seen in recent weeks, except for some athletes who have already signed with the AEW.

These big waves of releases, however, had begun on April 15, 2020, when in the midst of the world covid pandemic, WWE had started a program of shrinking its roster, going to cut numerous names from all parts of its organization.

In addition to having numerous layoffs, due to the management of Vince McMahon, numerous other athletes have also asked for their release, such as Andrade, Gran Metalik, Adam Cole or the late Luke Harper.

Gran Metalik debuts in AEW

After seeing numerous athletes fail to renew their contract with the McMahon company, such as Daniel Bryan, Cesaro or Adam Cole, and then see them pass into the Khan family's rings, now a newcomer breaks into the square of the second most important company in Italy.

America and the world: Gran Metalik. After being released several months ago by WWE, at the express request of him, who had been arriving for weeks, the wrestler showed up tonight in the tapings of Dark, a secondary program by AEW, to have his match against Serpentico.

Currently, the wrestler calls himself Mascara Dorada, not being able to use the name he had in WWE, being the rights of the McMahon family. In his debut match, Mascara Dorada also won, with a Superkick and a Dorada Driver, thrilling the audience at Albany's MVP Arena.

We will see if in the next few weeks we will see the former WWE also arrive in the most important shows of the company or if his arrival was only one night only. WWE veteran Dutch Mantell thinks AEW President Tony Khan should enforce swift action against top stars Kenny Omega and Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson).

"I think he's [Tony Khan] lost really the respect of the dressing room. I hope he hasn't and he may have a way to bring it back, I hope he does."