Kevin Nash Talks About One of Tony Khan’s Complaints

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Kevin Nash Talks About One of Tony Khan’s Complaints

Kevin Nash was a big star during the Monday Night Wars, and he spoke about one of Tony Khan’s complaints that Tony spoke about on the 3rd of September during the AEW All Out post-media scrum. Kevin Nash was a very popular superstar back when he was a member of the NWO.

He used to be a member of the WWE, however, he joined the WCW to form the NWO. The NWO eventually took over the world of professional wrestling during the late 90s and nearly won the Monday Night Wars. It was Stone Cold’s feud with Vince McMahon that saved the WWE from going out of business.

Kevin Nash Defends Triple H and the WWE

During the All Out post-media scrum Tony Khan spoke about WWE holding shows the same day that AEW does. For example, WWE held NXT Worlds Collide on Sunday before AEW All Out. He stated that he wasn’t "going to sit back and take this f***ing sh**."

Khan was asked about how he felt that All out was the third wrestling event of the weekend. Khan stated that he felt like WWE did exactly what they did to Jim Crockett Promotions. Tony stated that he got “a taste of the same medicine” they took.

However, he mentioned that he has more money than Jim Crockett productions. Kevin Nash commented on the jab that Tony Khan took at WWE. Kevin defended Triple H and stated that WWE probably did not have those events to undermine the AEW.

"Khan took it as like I've got money and the WWE went to war," Nash said on podcast, "Kliq This." "I looked at it like 'You've got Sunday dude, what more do you want? And you got Sunday following into a Labor Day.'

" Kevin Nash also commented on CM Punk and his comments during the same media scrum. According to Kevin, a new champion should not be allowed to say what he said. CM Punk stated a few things against the AEW, Colt Cabana, Adam Page and the EVPs, which made the company look very bad.

He even criticized Tony Khan during the media scrum. Kevin also mentioned that CM Punk went into business for himself when he said the things that he said during the media scrum. Kevin also stated that he will never let someone punch him even if it is a work.