Tony Khan on cooperation with Warner Bros. Discovery

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Tony Khan on cooperation with Warner Bros. Discovery

Tony Khan has many partnerships that are important to him, and one of them is the partnership with Warner Bros. Discovery. He talked more about it in the Spoticast podcast.
“Our TV deals are, I think, the biggest individual revenue driver.

For us, we’ve got this great partnership with Warner Brothers Discovery, and we’ve got the rest of this year and next year, and, and they have really been so good to us. I feel like not only was the original leadership so great to take a chance on an unknown company, but then, you know, post merger, the Discovery leadership that’s come in has been so supportive, and we’re getting opportunities now with the new management even bigger than we’ve ever gotten before”.

- he said, as quoted by However, some changes have taken place. “New leadership, new faces, new people, and they’re great people. We’ve had different management teams over the last few years. This is a new group, and obviously, they have different experiences than the previous management.

They have different insights and a different portfolio of IP coming in, but also new IP being created by the new property and existing IP that we’ve never really been associated with before. So just in the few months that we’ve been working together, it’s been great getting to know them and work with them.

They’ve given us opportunities for integrations. I hope that we’ve done a good job. I think the fact that we’re getting more of them, and that they’ve been so positive about the job we’ve done, I guess it went really well”.

Shark Week

Shark Week has a huge meaning. “You know, Shark Week is the longest running, most successful weekly TV event in the history of cable. It is very important to the people at Discovery. I’ve seen it firsthand, and it makes total sense.

They gave us the opportunities to promote Shark Week in AEW and develop creative of our own to help further the promotion of Shark Week. Then based on the success of that, they came right back to us with a huge opportunity.

You know, we’ve been working with Warner Media before Warner Brothers Discovery for years and never had opportunities to do integrations with HBO let alone with the number one show on TV right now with House of the Dragon and have the opportunity to promote House of the Dragon and for them to ask me if I can come up with a way to integrate it into our show”.