Madison Rayne on the beginnings in AEW

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Madison Rayne on the beginnings in AEW

In a conversation with AEW Unrestricted, Madison Rayne talked about signing with AEW and some details. “I saw that AEW was coming to Columbus, which is my hometown. I haven’t wrestled here in, when I say years, like many years, at least not to a capacity where like my friends were there, my family was there.

I’ve talked a little bit about my dad who is very, very ill right now with stage four cancer”. - she said, as quoted by pwmaniacom “When I saw that advertised, my only thought was, wrestling’s this weird but awesome world now and even though I had been working for one company, I kind of want to do this, and I’m within the parameters of being allowed to do this and for all of those reasons.

I’ve had a lot of career moments, but I felt like that was one that I needed”.

Rayne and first week

She chose the right moment, even though she was not optimistic at the beginning. “So I reached out to a couple of people and the response seemed positive, but probably with everything, but definitely in wrestling, it’s like a hurry up and wait, type situation.

But then once the hurry up and wait is over, then it’s like, hurry up and get this done and it’s time to do it right now. So it was literally just like perfect timing. I had spoken with some people, and before I knew it, I was talking to Megha and she was kind of outlining the opportunity for me.

I was like, ‘I’ve read plenty of wrestling contracts in my life. Just send it to me. I know where to sign. Let’s get this done.’ It literally kind of just happened that quickly and easily”. “So for my first week at AEW, I was like, okay, when does everything fall apart here? When does Ashton come in and say.

‘Nope, sorry, you’re being punked. This isn’t really happening’, because it was just so seamless and easy. My first day I walked into the most overwhelming, positive response. Everyone was so nice and welcoming.

It had been so long since I was like a new kid on a playground, so I was feeling all the new kid on the playground feeling like, not sure what to do with my hands. But everybody was so accommodating and so nice, and it’s been the best month of my career”.