Eric Bischoff Speaks About Cody Rhodes Leaving AEW

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Eric Bischoff Speaks About Cody Rhodes Leaving AEW
Eric Bischoff Speaks About Cody Rhodes Leaving AEW (Provided by Wrestling World)

Eric Bischoff, the former President of WCW, recently spoke about Cody Rhodes leaving AEW. Cody Rhodes was one of the founders of AEW. He was one of the many Executive Vice Presidents that AEW had at one time. Cody Rhodes was also an in-ring performer.

Being the son of the legendary wrestler and promoter, Dustin Rhodes, he had a lot of influence backstage. However, many people that Cody Rhodes felt that AEW was headed in the wrong direction, and that is the reason why he left.

Eric Bischoff Believes Cody Rhodes Left at The Right Time

Cody Rhodes appeared for the last time for AEW on the 26th of January on AEW Dynamite. He was competing for the TNT Championship Unification Ladder Match against Sammy Guevara.

He lost that match. Cody was able to capture the TNT Title a total of 3 times when he was with AEW. That was the only title that he managed to win while he worked for a total of 3 years in the AEW. Since Cody left, AEW has many backstage issues and controversies.

The most recent one was after the AEW All Out media scrum that led to a backstage fight between CM Punk and members of the Elite. A total of 10 people were involved in the fight. "If you look at what's gone on in AEW since Cody left, I don't want to say the wheels have fallen off, but they're wobbling pretty hard at this point," Bischoff said on "83 Weeks." "I don't know; or maybe Cody just saw the handwriting on the wall and wanted to get out before it turned into a train wreck." Eric Bischoff has openly criticized the AEW many times in the past.

According to Eric, AEW will not be able to compete with the WWE anytime soon and will not be able to beat them in ratings, even after they have hired some of WWE’s most popular former wrestlers. He also believes that AEW is trying too hard to be the WCW back in the Monday Night Wars.

Cody Rhodes left the WWE in 2016, after he revealed that he did not like the way he was being handled by the company. Since returning, he has managed to win eight matches without a single loss. Three of his eight wins were major wins against former WWE Champion Seth Rollins. His last match against Seth Rollins took place at the Hell in a Cell PPV event this year.

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