Wardlow: It’s time for everybody to step it up


Wardlow: It’s time for everybody to step it up

The current situation in AEW is not exactly ideal. There are big problems that have to be solved. AEW has many quality wrestlers, especially young ones who want to prove themselves. In an interview with the Dynamite Download podcast, Wardlow talked about young talents who are getting or will soon get an opportunity.

“It’s more important now more than ever. It was already necessary for me to turn it up, but where we are in the current state of AEW, it is even that much more important to amp it the fuck up. That’s just what it is.

It’s time for everybody to step it up. Everybody that is talking about not having an opportunity, here is your opportunity. Here is everyone’s chance to step it up. It’s time to get back to the day one vibe. When it started, we were a family and we survived COVID like a family.

We saw each other more than we saw our families. We’re most definitely getting back, literally just this past week, it really felt like that strong bond again. We’re on the right track now, it’s great”.

- Wardlow said, as quoted by pwmania.com

Wardlow on AEW promos

His promo from last month caused huge reactions. Wardlow gave an explanation; “I didn’t call out the locker room, I called out the business. That wasn’t a promo, it’s very real.

It’s more real than anybody can even fathom. The line between who you see on TV and who is in real life can be very blurry at times. It’s very real. I see that stuff and I know things…when you go from literally one of the best feuds in pro wrestling in many many years, anything you do after that is going to be difficult to follow up with.

Do I feel like maybe I dropped the ball a bit? Maybe. I feel like I owe it to the fans and I owe it to myself to turn it up and it’s time for me to challenge next level people. What is next for Wardlow? It really comes down to, who is going to step up.

I just called everyone out, who is going to step up? Who are the next level guys that are going to step up? The door is wide open”.