What will happen to Kenny Omega?

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What will happen to Kenny Omega?

After his suspension from AEW, plans for Kenny Omega changed significantly and suddenly during his trip to Japan. After the harsh words of CM Punk during the post-All Out press conference that sparked a backstage fight with the now former world champion Kenny Omega, several men of the federation between athletes and managers such as the Young Bucks, Ace Steel, in addition to CM Punk and Kenny Omega of course, they would have been suspended indefinitely.

However, not only those directly involved, even those who tried to quell the revolt were initially punished with suspension. In the days following the affair, after the expulsion of all those directly involved and not only, the main title of the AEW and the Trios titles were also made vacant.

Latest news on Kenny Omega

Although some suspensions have been lifted, most recently that of Pat Buck, the sanctions against Kenny Omega, the Young Bucks, CM Punk and Ace Steel still remain. Despite this, Kenny Omega continued to make several appearances outside the AEW, also flying to Japan alongside Christopher Daniels and Michael Nakazawa.

Kenny Omega's journey was intended to promote the upcoming AEW Fight Forever video game on the Tokyo Games Show. However, the former AEW world champion did not attend the Japanese video game presentation event. To break the news, speaking to the Wrestling Observer, the famous journalist Dave Meltzer who reported that due to his suspension, Kenny Omega has been canceled from the event: “Kenny Omega is in Japan right now.

His trip was originally planned in part to promote the AEW video game because there is the Tokyo Game Show. Due to his suspension, however, the plans changed and he did not participate in the presentation of the game." The presentation of the AEW game included a series of match performances with the likes of Christopher Daniels, Maki Itoh, Riho, Michael Nakazawa and Konosuke Takeshita.

AEW has announced AEW Fight Forever with new unpublished images that have been circulating on the internet in the last few hours. At the Tokyo Game Show, the AEW video game that has yet to be released, won the Best Sports / Racing Game award.

Jim Cornette has boldly suggested that WWE may want to pick up AEW star Kenny Omega. "I can see them going after MJF, I can see the WWE being helluva interested in Wardlow [sic]. I can see WWE being completely interested in Powerhouse Hobbs," said Cornette.