MJF announces his engagement

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MJF announces his engagement

In an Instagram post, Maxwell Jacob Friedman, better known as MJF, announced that he is officially engaged to Naomi Rosenblum, also giving her birthday wishes. The girl had also appeared on Dynamite letting herself be kissed by the wrestler in a passionate way.

MJF posted a picture of her on Instagram where he holds her in his arms on a sidewalk as the two kiss and she shows her hand with the ring, with the text attached: “Happy birthday to my girlfriend or whatever." The news obviously started to circulate and our colleagues at Sportskeeda congratulated the couple with a post showing us more photos taken after the proposal and the wrestler AEW wanted to respond to the post as follows: "To the women who are panicking in the my TL don't worry.

Just because someone is protecting the goal doesn't mean you can't score. Aim for greatness." The wrestler then used a metaphor to invite women to try with him anyway, in an ironic way, even though he is now engaged. Of course we at World Wrestling join the rest of the professional wrestling landscape by wishing the couple our best wishes.

Latest news on MJF

After months off, MJF returned to AEW All Out as the Joker, winning the Casino Ladder Match, so to speak, given the help he got, to go up against the company's top champion. Tony Khan asked him strongly, who said: “I was the one who asked him to come back because MJF is a big star.

In this federation it is very important and this is one of the biggest events for us. He deserved to be there. A year ago, CM Punk debuted here and I thought everything was right for the fans. For them I also thought that the best I could have done would be to bring someone like him back to us." MJF recently made quite a triumphant return during AEW All Out after revealing himself as The Casino Battle Royal's "Joker" entrant.

During the recent All Out Media Scrum, CM Punk addressed MJF and the AEW locker room. "I'm tired of wrestling these p****s. I’m tired of wrestling these kids that think they know everything, but I’m not the boss. He won a number one contendership and I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

I think Max is a supremely talented individual, but this goes to him and anybody else in the locker room that doesn’t want to be here; the grass is not greener on the other side. The grass is greener where you water it."