Jeff Hardy is ready to return

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Jeff Hardy is ready to return

All Elite Wrestling wrestler Jeff Hardy was arrested shortly after midnight on June 13, 2022 in Volusia County, Florida. Volusia County Jail records show that Hardy was taken to jail at 12:45 pm, on charges of driving with his license canceled / suspended / revoked, violating license restrictions, and driving under the influence of alcohol / drugs with the third offense within 10 years.

Regarding this situation, the AEW obviously intervened through the President and CEO Tony Khan announcing that: “We were able to resume contact with Jeff Hardy this afternoon. The AEW does not condone Jeff's alleged behavior.

We have made it clear to Jeff that we will help him heal for substance abuse problems, which he has indicated he is open to receiving. Meanwhile, he is suspended without pay, and he can only return to AEW after successfully completing the treatment and will have to maintain his sobriety."

Update on Jeff Hardy's status

Dave Meltzer this week wrote in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Jeff Hardy may be "out of rehab soon".

What exactly this means for his future in regards to his career in the ring has not been spelled out, but Meltzer added that Hardy should return to the ring, presumably by training in a suitable venue first. During the Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast, his brother Matt really hinted that the Charismatic Enigma could really be seen soon: “You know, I'm pretty excited.

We're nearing the point where, you know, we're going to meet the new Jeff and find out about his future and what he's going to end up doing and I'm pretty excited because I feel like his mindset is like he knows he has to make changes and do what he is.

right. And I feel like he's at a point where he's going to do it this time around, so I'm thrilled to have him again. And I think this would be great. That would be a lot of fun." AEW star Jeff Hardy has recalled a time where he felt crushed and ashamed at the idea of being placed in the WWE 24/7 Championship picture.

“I feel bad for saying this because I’m so easy to work with I’ll do pretty much whatever, but I was pretty crushed that day. I was like ‘okay this is it. I don’t know why I’m here, this is crazy, they’re really doing this to me.’ And that’s not an arrogant thing to say, I felt like I just - I felt ashamed like I shouldn’t be doing that, but I did it and I was like ‘man what does this mean?”