Chris Jericho made fans laugh with the "Pizza cutter spot"

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Chris Jericho made fans laugh with the "Pizza cutter spot"

Chris Jericho brings interesting anecdotes and scenes from his career in his podcast. This time, Jericho recalled the pizza cutter spot with Nick Gage from a 2021 AEW Dynamite. No one could have expected things to be so fun.

“That was hilarious. So Nick wanted to do a pizza cutter, that’s one of his gimmicks. So right out the gate, he slices my arm with the pizza cutter, I still have a scar there. And that gets people like, ‘Holy s**t!

This is real!’. And then during the commercial break, he starts slicing my forehead with the pizza cutter in picture-in-picture… So right when Nick is carving my forehead with the pizza cutter, there is a Dominos Pizza commercial where the guy is cutting the pizza with what? A pizza cutter!

And apparently Dominos was furious. And this was, ‘AEW is gonna lose all their sponsors, and this is it! This is the end of the line!’. Nothing ever happened. I was like, if I was the Dominos guy, I would have filmed a Chris Jericho/Nick Gage commercial the next f**king day.

I mean, it’s right there! Pizza cutters, Dominos, it goes hand in hand!”- he said, as quoted by

TV Deal

Chris Jericho also recalled the TV deal that AEW did not have at the time of the company's creation.

“At the time, there was no television deal. I remember at some point we were talking about maybe going on Showtime. At some point, we were thinking maybe streaming it on, I don’t know, Amazon Prime or something along those lines, and that’s not good enough.

You can’t put it on Showtime or whatever. Then [TNT] got interested I think because Chris Jericho was involved and Jim Ross. I think those two names were the two names that got us the TV deal along with Tony’s passion and his commitment and all the other factors I told you”.