Report on The Backstage Reaction After Recent AEW Talent Meeting

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Report on The Backstage Reaction After Recent AEW Talent Meeting

AEW recently held an AEW Talent Meeting and some outlets have reported that the AEW Talent Meeting had a positive impact on all AEW Talents that attended the meeting. AEW has made several headlines after the AEW All Out post-media scrum.

However, AEW being in the headlines was for all the wrong reasons.

The Recent AEW Talent Meeting Had a Positive Impact on The Roster

CM Punk, the former AEW World Champion, won the AEW title at All Out after beating the previous champion, Jon Moxley.

Jon Moxley was the Interim AEW World Champion before he became the Undisputed AEW World Champion by beating CM Punk on Dynamite before All Out. CM Punk, who is still considered one of the top wrestlers in the world, actually stated a few things during the AEW All Out post-media scrum that upset a few people backstage, including the EVPs of AEW.

CM Punk spoke against the EVPs, Colt Cabana, Adam Page and AEW as a company in general. He did all of this even when Tony Khan, the AEW President, was sitting right next to him. The EVPs of AEW have been suspended indefinitely along with CM Punk.

CM Punk’s title has also been taken away from him. The EVPs that were suspended include Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson. During the recent meeting, the main speakers were Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson according to Fightful.

The meeting reportedly took place on the 7th of September. According to the general consensus backstage, Chris, Moxley and Danielson were the best people to lead the company during their current uncertain time. Jericho was one of AEW’s biggest stars when AEW Launched in 2019.

He was reportedly a figurehead even back then and led the locker room. Now that the EVPs are absent along with CM Punk, he has become a locker room leader again. Reportedly, Jon Moxley has been respected as a top guy as well in the company.

Bryan is known for mentoring the young wrestlers that are part of AEW. According to a report, an AEW roster member commended the three wrestlers for helping the company deal with the tensions backstage. It has also been stated that the talent meeting was not entirely about the fight that occurred after AEW All Out post-media scrum.