Thunder Rosa Speaks About Her Injury and Possible Return

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Thunder Rosa Speaks About Her Injury and Possible Return

Thunder Rosa recently appeared on the Busted Open Radio where she spoke about the back injury that has kept her from competing in AEW for a significant amount of time. AEW is already going through a very bad period with the AEW All Out backstage fight, that has made several headlines.

Most of their top stars such as Thunder Rosa and CM Punk are also injured. CM Punk was the AEW World Champion before his title got stripped from him.

Thunder Rosa May Not Return Anytime Soon As Her Doctors Suggest

Thunder Rosa is the current AEW Women’s Champion.

Unlike CM Punk, Rosa did not have her title stripped off her when she got injured. So she remained the AEW Women’s Champion even though she could not defend it. On the Busted Open Radio, Rosa spoke about the physical therapy and non-surgical treatment that she is receiving.

The back injury forced her to sit out while others took her place at AEW All Out. On her YouTube channel, she regularly spoke about her road to recovery. On her YouTube channel, she also speaks about her life, such as her charity work and also shared her visit to the South Texas Spine and Joint Institute.

She received shockwave therapy treatment and spinal decompression. According to her doctors, she will need to undergo this kind of treatment for a period of six to eight weeks. She will have to visit four times per week. However, that also means she won’t be able to defend her title or participate in anything physical in AEW during that time.

That is the reason why her return date hasn’t been announced by AEW or by her. She also stated that not having to travel for various AEW events has also helped her recover. Whenever she makes a comeback, she is expected to face the current AEW Interim Women’s Champion, Toni Storm, who is currently one of the most popular female wrestlers in the AEW right now, along with Britt Baker.

Toni Storm is set to face Athena, Serena Debb and Britt Baker at Grand Slam, so she might not remain the interim champion after that event. Just like CM Punk had to fight the interim champion when he returned from injury, Thunder Rosa may also be involved in an undisputed AEW Women’s title match.