New details on Sammy Guevara's future

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New details on Sammy Guevara's future

Since the birth of AEW, which took place in 2019, Sammy Guevara has been part of the so-called "4 Pillars" of the Company, or the pillars that would have carried it into the future: together with him Darby Allin, Jungle Boy and MJF.

Sammy then joined Chris Jericho's stable, went from face to heel and vice versa, and became TNT Champion three times. Over the last few months, however, he has always ended up in the media storm for negative attention along with his partner Tay Melo, but the chaos happened recently when he was involved in a fairly heavy altercation with Eddie Kingston backstage.

Apparently Sammy would have insulted him in a promo, without having his consent, and Kingston got his hands on him, being suspended for a few weeks. The match between the two, scheduled for All Out, has been canceled but now they will clash next week at the Grand Slam.

However, Sammy's recent social activities have left AEW fans somewhat perplexed: the former Spanish God has in fact removed from his Twitter any reference to the Tony Khan Company and published a gif of Jim Carrey taken from the ending of The Truman Show, one of the most famous films ever.

Will Sammy Guevara leave AEW?

But that's not all, the former champion has returned to use his real name Sammy Guevara, to promote himself on social networks. There are currently no updates on his future or the status of his contract, but social activities are very suspicious.

In his vlog Sammy had talked about the false rumors and bad things towards him: "I don't want to try to convince people that I am a good person. People have already decided on me, I will not change their opinion. I was starting to feel pretty down because I try my best to be better and better.

I try to help people when I can." AEW star Miro recently stated that Sammy Guevara was the one who made the TNT Championship irrelevant when recalling his reign with the said title. The Redeemer mentioned that he was a great champion during his reign.

However, he feels The Spanish God tarnished the legacy of the championship after winning it from him. "I don’t even take fault of that but I take fault — I take a fault of maybe being too good of a champion because ever since I lost that title, that title has gone to sh*ts and that’s nothing but to blame Sammy Guevara for that, so he’s got to bear the cross for that," Miro said.