Teddy Long Talks About AEW Having an Authority Figure

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Teddy Long Talks About AEW Having an Authority Figure

Teddy Long is one of the most popular WWE General Managers of all time and he spoke about AEW possibly having an authority figure. AEW at the moment has no authority figure. WWE used authority figures in the past to set up many angles in the past.

Authority figures have also played a big role in some of the biggest storylines in the history of the WWE.

Teddy Long Talks About Whether an Authority Figure Will Work in AEW

Teddy Long recently spoke to Nick Hausman from Wrestling Inc.

and he asked Teddy if Teddy wishes to play an authority figure role in AEW. AEW so far only has Tony Khan who is kind of an authority figure but is not seen running things as much as Teddy was when he was in charge of Smackdown.

"Well, if that's what they wanted to do," Long said with a laugh. "They rehash everything, you know what I mean?" Teddy stated that AEW should not call manager, ‘managers’. Instead, they should have a different name.

"Don't call it the GM, maybe give it another name like the commissioner. They never used that a lot." Teddy believes that having an authority figure in AEW might work for the promotion, as it has worked for many other promotions in the past.

"It worked in WWE, and if it hadn't worked, then Vince [McMahon] wouldn't have done it. I stayed in that spot for nine years and he didn't put me there to stay in there just because he liked me." Teddy Long had an amazing and very long run as the WWE Smackdown General Manager.

He started working as the GM in 2004, and his run ended in 2012. During this time, he feuded with many RAW General Managers. He was known for playing a babyface role and he used to punish wrestlers by booking them against The Undertaker.

During his tenure, he even got married. Teddy became part in the WWE Hall of Fame in 2017. He was at one time the general manager of Reality of Wrestling, which is Booker T’s wrestling promotion. He worked during the Summer of Champions show for that promotion.

Teddy Long is no longer very active in the wrestling industry. His last appearance for the WWE was several years ago. Before becoming a General Manager, he used to manage popular WWE superstars, such as Mark Henry.