Brian Pillman Jr on AEW incident: I can’t believe my heroes are fighting each other

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Brian Pillman Jr on AEW incident: I can’t believe my heroes are fighting each other

"Cafe de Rene" podcast guest was Brian Pillman Jr. Pilman commented on the incident that happened in AEW and the main actors were Cm Punk and Nick and Matt Jackson. Pillman did not want to give a specific comment because he is not sure what exactly happened there.

“I wasn’t there, so I didn’t get to see who won the fight. I’m not going to decide whose side I’m on. Whoever won the fight, that’s whose side I’m on. I’m not going to side with the losers, I’ll say that.

Honestly, it’s over my head. I wasn’t there. I look up to all the guys so I’m like, ‘Damn, I can’t believe my heroes are fighting each other.’ It is what it is."- he said, as quoted by Pillman is happy with the treatment he's getting in Aew "Whenever I’m there, I’m just happy to be there and try not to piss anybody off and get punched myself.

I’m sure people have probably wanted to punch me too. Good thing I’ve dodged that. They’re all great guys. Everyone just loves the wrestling and different personalities. Things change. We were in Jacksonville and now we’re on the road and it’s a little more serious and people are starting to clash a little, that’s all”.

Varsity Blondes

One of the topics was The Varsity Blondes. Pillman was not happy with certain moves by the AEW leader. “As soon as we lost [Julia Hart], we lost our edge and our spark that made us a good babyface group that could’ve gotten over.

[…] But somebody came in and decided she would be better with [House of Black]. That’s just how it goes. I definitely wasn’t happy with it to be quite honest. It is what it is. It’s business. I thought probably what really stopped us from seeing the true potential of the Varsity Blondes was that we lost her before we really got going”.

“To have that taken apart was kinda rough for me at that point in my career. But I’m very happy with how it turned out. Really happy with the moment that she had at the pay-per-view. Very happy with being at AEW in general.

I don’t think that the Varsity Blondes was the fullest creative extension of myself. […] But I think people will look back on the Varsity Blondes quite fondly actually. Who knows what’s next for us?”