Chris Jericho has a new goal

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Chris Jericho has a new goal
Chris Jericho has a new goal

After winning six times WWE world titles and for once the maximum title of All Elite Wrestling (becoming in effect the first champion of the company during the first edition of ALL OUT), Chris Jericho will try to conquer for the eighth once in his career a world-class title.

This is specifically the ROH World Championship match between Claudio Castagnoli (former Cesaro in WWE and current holder of the title won in Death Before Dishonor after defeating Jonathan Gresham) and precisely "The Demo God" within a decidedly unprecedented contest for AEW cameras.

As for the precedents between the two, the athletes in question have faced each other twice within television / PPV events and among these there is the episode of Monday Night RAW of 6 June 2016 in which it was Castagnoli who defeated Y2J, and the clash that took place in SmackDown on July 19 of the same year with Jericho as the winner.

Chris Jericho wants to take the ROH title

A "beautiful" then in all respects, but with a prestigious title at stake, important and capable of confirming the Canadian as a wrestler that can be considered within the Olympus or, rather, the untouchables of the discipline.

The last match valid for a world title outside the WWE and AEW brands in which "The Alpha of Professional Wrestling" took part, concerns the clash of NJPW Dominion 2019, when he faced the then weight champion in a one on one.

IWGP maximums (fresh from victory at Madison Square Garden against “The Switchblade” Jay White) Kazuchika Okada. A match that the Japanese won by disqualification and where Chris Jericho gave life to a real massacre in the post match.

The next episode of Dynamite is therefore preparing to give sparks also thanks to the final valid to decree the new AEW World Champion in the clash between the two members of the Blackpool Comat Club or Bryan Danielson and the two-time champion (three considering the WWE reign of 2016), Jon Moxley.

We will then get to know the face capable of inheriting what CM Punk left after the injury mixed with the events that followed after the ALL OUT press conference about two weeks ago. Stay tuned to our World Wrestling site and digital platforms such as the Twitch Open Wrestling TV channel, where we provide daily updates and insights into the entire professional wrestling landscape.

While Jericho's contract status has not been confirmed, he was part of the original All Elite signings when the promotion was launched three years ago.

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