Ric Flair comments on the return of Ricky Steamboat to the ring

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Ric Flair comments on the return of Ricky Steamboat to the ring

Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat is scheduled to return to the ring in November of this year. Although he is 69 years old, Ricky is ready to show that he still has energy in him. Ric Flair commented on his return and is optimistic about Steamboat, who still has a passion for wrestling.

“It’s one of those deals where nobody’s ever going to be Ricky Steamboat. So they might as well watch him while they can and enjoy the opportunity, because there never will be another Ricky Steamboat. At every level, he’s better than 50% of the guys in the business today, and he wouldn’t get in the ring if he wasn’t.

He holds himself to a very high standard, and I imagine he’ll probably look better than the guys he’s in the ring with because he’s always in good shape”. - he said, as quoted by pwmania.com “Steamboat coming back makes me want to come back again.

I went back up to Lincoln and started training again. What else is there to do?”


A few months ago, he also commented on the situation in AEW, which is not good. "I’ve been watching it from afar and it’s very entertaining.

If it’s entertainment the fans want, it’s entertainment they’re getting. Punk is giving them a lot of it. We just barely got to say hi [in WWE]. I was long gone when all the bad blood seemed to appear between he and Hunter, then the lawsuit with the doctor and all that.

I wasn’t aware of any of it and saw it like everybody else on social media. I always sided with Hunter on that because I didn’t know the other guy. But [Punk] is creating excitement now, and if he’s not afraid to say it – I like the way he said, ‘I’ll walk down the hall and be ready.’ That’s Harley Race talking right there.

I don’t know if he’s that tough, but I love that. That’s old-time stuff right there. ‘If you got a problem with me, you can find me right there in the building.’ It’s got to be dividing the locker room.’”- he said for To Be The Man podcast.