Justin Roberts Speaks About His Unofficial Role as a Producer

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Justin Roberts Speaks About His Unofficial Role as a Producer

Justin Roberts is well-known for being the ring announcer at AEW. He is also an announcer for other promotions but is well-known for being a regular on AEW TV. He spoke about his unofficial producer role that he has currently at AEW.

He apparently produces shows while he is at ringside. He used to work for the WWE. He started in 2007 in WWE and ended his WWE career in 2014. He worked for RAW, Smackdown and ECW. He recently appeared on Talk is Jericho to talk about his unofficial ringside producer role.

Justin Roberts Talks About Wanting to Be a Producer

"I produce by ringside unofficially," Roberts said. "I'm not here as a producer. I'm not told to produce, but, there are things I do because ... things that [Jericho] told me, things that Taker's told me, Shawn Michaels told me in the middle of a match, 'Don't ever do this.

Do this.' I'm sharing that with everybody because I want to help everybody here. I want us to be the best possible ... I'm making judgement calls, so, I'm producing at ringside and talking to the timekeeper and talking to security, letting them know something is going to happen, or to the referee ...

I have 26 years of experience being out there with the crowd, from beginning to end, and just knowing the right call to me because I've been in any every situation for the most part over all these years." AEW already has producers that are currently working backstage.

In fact, AEW has some of the best people in the industry working for them, including some very popular former WWE wrestlers. However, the producers do not appear on TV most of the time. WWE also has producers backstage. In fact, some wrestlers become producers after ending their professional wrestling careers.

Some WWE legends were seen with Vince McMahon at the Guerrilla Position as they help produce some of WWE’s most important shows. Justin revealed that he actually wishes to officially become a producer one day. However, Justin at the moment can only help the AEW by sharing his knowledge from ringside.

"I like producing," Justin Roberts continued. "That's what I'd love to do on more of an official level. I mean, if I could produce pre-tapes, that just, that would be huge."