Al Snow Talks About AEW’s Backstage Future Following Melee

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Al Snow Talks About AEW’s Backstage Future Following Melee

Al Snow is well-known for being a good technical wrestler during his time in WWE, and he recently spoke about AEW’s backstage future following the recent Melee incident. AEW had to suspend The Elite, CM Punk, and Ace Steel recently after they were involved in a backstage fight after AEW All Out.

It all happened after CM Punk openly criticized The Members of The Elites during the AEW All Out post-media scrum. It was reported that The Elite stormed CM Punk’s locker room after CM Punk went back to his locker room.

That is when reportedly, CM Punk just started attacking The Elite as soon as they entered.

Al Snow Speaks About Whether Fights Will Occur in AEW In The Future

Additionally, CM Punk also criticized and said bad things about Colt Cabana and Adam Page.

He previously had an issue with Adam Page as Adam Page cut a promo that CM Punk took very personally. Al Snow spoke about whether such fights will be regular thing in AEW going forward. "There are going to be events like this all the time; they're going to continue to happen," Snow said on NBC Sports Boston.

"I've watched personally, you know, situations happen in locker rooms where guys get into fights and personalities clash. But it was all kept internal. Snow added, "And what usually ends up happening is they blow up, they blow off, and then two, three weeks, a month, two months, they're best of friends.

The two guys that were battling tooth and nail and hated each other's guts are best of friends." He also believes that issues like this should be settled backstage, in private. This probably means that he didn’t like that CM Punk said all of the things that he said.

"You never do, in public, anything that you're not going to be doing to try to use to draw money. Otherwise, it serves no purpose," Snow said. "There is no justification for it. It should've been kept in-house and should've been dealt with accordingly."

Apparently, this wasn’t the first time AEW stars fought backstage. It was reported that Eddie Kingston was suspended after an incident backstage with Sammy Guevara. According to Al Snow, Eddie and Sammy have settled their differences and will fight each other at AEW’s Grand Slam ‘Rampage’.