Toni Storm on the situation in AEW

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Toni Storm on the situation in AEW

Toni Storm spoke to about the current situation in AEW (Women's Division). Women get less attention than men, but Storm expects that to change as well. “It’s a story as old as time. Women’s wrestling struggles to get the same amount of time as the guys.

We are put in a different position, but I really do believe we are headed in the right direction. We’ve got a locker room full of really hardworking and talented women that I believe are the future. It’s going to change the entire game."

- she said, as quoted by Despite everything, she wants to remain positive and hopes for the success of the women's division in the future. "I think we’re going to overcome and get more time and see more emphasis on ourselves.

But we’re doing the hard work. I’m very confident in this entire division. I’m proud to be at the top and will do whatever I can to push it where it needs to go. I’m proud of everyone back there. I’m choosing to be positive.

I think, little by little, there will be more emphasis on us in AEW. We just need to keep breaking down that door. I also think consistency is what will get us there”.


In an interview with TalkSport, she talked about the option to be part of Stardom.

“The good thing about AEW is you are able to go outside and do more things that aren’t AEW. So I think there is potential for me to go and revisit Stardom and make an appearance there. I’m not sure how much I would be able to get out there because I’m full-time with AEW, but there is potential that could happen.

Hopefully it does because I’d like to go and see all my friends back there. Stardom was a place I didn’t realize I had grown really close to. I had quite the life in Japan and I don’t want that to be gone forever. I want to revisit that. That would be really cool if that was an option”.