Sting’s Old Rival Makes AEW Debut

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Sting’s Old Rival Makes AEW Debut

Sting’s Old Rival, the Great Muta recently made his first AEW appearance at the AEW Grand Slam Rampage event. The Great Muta is a legendary Japanese wrestler and the word about his debut spread across Twitter like wildfire.

Great Muta debuted at a time Sting needed help. The Great Muta helped Sting and his tag team partner, Darby Allin win against The House of Black’s Brody and Buddy Matthews.

Spoiler: Sting Meets His Rival In The Ring After Nearly 2 Decades

Matthews was all set to attack Sting who was handcuffed to a steel chair on one side of the ring.

Matthews was going to use a baseball bat to attack Sting. At that time, Muta made his was through the entrance and started analyzing the situation. After pacifying Matthews, he used the green mist on Matthews face which caused Matthews to shove Julia Hart.

Julia went flying on to a table that was at ringside, as she was standing on the ring apron. Sting then managed to break free and hit the Scorpion Death Drop on Matthews. He then pinned Matthews for the victory. Sting then hugged Muta during the post-match celebration.

AEW Grand Slam was taped over a period of two hours and will air this Friday Night. Let’s take a brief look at The Great Muta’s and Sting’s rivalry back in the late 80s and early 90s. Their rivalry on TV began in 1989 at NWA’s ‘The Great American Bash – Glory Days’.

Muta was the one that won that night, although it was a controversial victory. After this first battle, they would fight again a total of 13 times in the course of one month. They would fight each other at Starrcade: 89: Future Shock, during a round-robin Iron Main Tournament.

After their rivalry ended, they formed a tag team together and would face the Steiner Brother in 1992 at the second WCW/New Japan Supershow. The Great Muta has worked for All Japan Pro Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling over the course of his career.

He has also worked for WCW and NWA when he was in the US. He is at the moment part of the Pro Wrestling Noah roster and is a former GHC Heavyweight Champion. The Great Muta has stated that he will retire in 2023, which will end his illustrious career, that began in 1984. His final match will take place on the 22nd of January, 2023. However, we do not know who is opponent will be.