*Spoiler* Saraya shocked everyone

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*Spoiler* Saraya shocked everyone

Here we are with the second part of the Grand Slam report: after two incredible matches and surprise results, it's time to move on. The music of Wheeler Yuta, former ROH Pure Champion and member of the Blackpool Combat Club resounds.

The wrestler does not have time to be interviewed by Tony Schiavone because he is interrupted by MJF, obviously praised by the New York public. The Devil has arrived! A brief altercation emerges in which MJF reminds everyone that he is ready to become the next AEW world champion, while Yuta calls him a big piece of steaming trash, intimating that his girlfriend will sooner or later leave him.

A brief brawl ensues where Yuta seems to have the upper hand but is hit from behind by William Morrisey (formerly Big Cass), now an ally of MJF. Maxwell Jacob Friedman hits poor Yuta with his diamond ring and knocks him out, then walks away.

The star formerly known as Paige, Saraya, debuted in the promotion tonight.

Saraya is back

AEW Interim Women’s World Championship Match: Toni Storm vs Britt Baker. Great match that is won by Toni Storm with a pin against Britt Baker.

At the end of the match Jamie Hayter seems to turn Britt Baker against her, but allies himself with her by attacking the unfortunate champion. At one point he plays a theme song never heard before in AEW ...... and it's SARAYA !!

SARAYA IS ALL ELITE !! The former Paige makes her debut in AEW, to the cheers of the public, and remains alone in the ring targeting the entire women's division of the Company. Britt Baker and her companions are advised ......

this is her house !! AEW All Atlantic Championship: PAC vs Orange Cassidy Third great match of the evening with Orange Cassidy who proves, once again, that he knows how to do it in the ring. However, PAC wins in a not completely clean way, after hitting the opponent with the bell hammer at ringside.

PAC therefore maintains the All Atlantic Championship. Jungle Boy vs Jay Lethal Great moral revenge of Jungle Boy after the lightning defeat suffered at All Out against Christian Cage. The former Tag Team Champion begins to show a more aggressive character side of him and submissively beats Jay Lethal with the Snare Trap.

It is announced that the current FTW Champion HOOK will be teaming up with rapper Action Bronson next week at the Grand Slam.