*Spoiler* CM Punk may never come back

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*Spoiler* CM Punk may never come back

CM Punk will go down in history as one of the most emblematic media cases ever. A real outburst live worldwide, during a post PPV press conference, and a backstage brawl that led to his suspension and the deprivation of the World Champion title (we also talked about it in our The Greater Good).

A behavior that Eric Bischoff has defined unforgivable and that, according to many, could have marked the end of his career in All Elite. PWTorch's Wade Keller also said: "I really don't think CM Punk is going back to fighting in AEW.

It's not 100% certain, but all the clues point in this direction. And his contract will probably be terminated."

CM Punk may not fight anymore

Another clue came during the AEW Grand Slam episode where Chris Jericho made history, becoming the ROH World Champion for the first time in his career.

Commentator Ian Riccaboni had cited numerous samples of the past, omitting the name of CM Punk, perhaps one of the most historic of the Company. For the time being, Tony Khan has refused to publicly comment on the status of the Chicago wrestler because there are legal proceedings underway.

Despite the absence of CM Punk, Dynamite has achieved last ratings in recent weeks, even exceeding the million viewers in the pre-Grand Slam episode (and now the ratings of the special are expected). Alan Angels also wanted to talk about a possible goodbye from AEW of CM Punk and the Elite: “If this had happened in a normal federation they would have all been fired because they should all be fired.

But now wrestling is different, it has changed and it doesn't behave like a normal federation anymore, you need these people to increase your television ratings. They can't be fired just because they can't control themselves."

WWE veteran Dutch Mantell recently shared a theory that CM Punk might sue AEW following his locker room melee with The Elite (Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks). "He's [CM Punk] well aware of what it involves of suing somebody and if he sees Tony Khan sitting there, of course he got more money than I guess Vince [McMahon] does, his daddy [Shahid Khan] does.

But I don't think he [Punk] would hesitate to sue because he's kind of mad at him now because they didn't take his side and he may sue him anyway even if he didn't take his side," Mantell said.