*Spoiler* Shocking results in AEW

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*Spoiler* Shocking results in AEW

In the air of changes in AEW after what happened during the ALL OUT weekend (post-show ed), a new episode of Dynamite called Grand Slam was aired tonight. The event, held in New York City, Queens in the Arthur Ashe Stadium (maximum capacity 23771) made headlines thanks to the more or less expected upheavals.

Apparently, after Chris Jericho's historic victory over Claudio Castagnoli which allowed “Y2J” to graduate for the first time ever Rimg of Honor World Champion, another result changes the cards. Acclaimed defeated Keith Lee and Swerve, becoming new AEW duo champions.

Another good news for a team that continues to make its way and that will now be called upon to do and give even better to their fans.

Shocking results in AEW

This is their first reign as duo champions in the Jacksonville federation.

Conversely, Jericho has instead reached eight world titles after WWE (first undisputed champion in the company), WCW (under the WWE brand), AEW (first champion of the company) and now ROH. A strong, historical, legendary name, useful to restore luster to a title that breathes only thanks to the will of Tony Khan to continue to keep active the belts of a now defunct federation.

We at World Wrestling through the Pro Wrestling Culture podcast, had foreseen these results within episode 223 in which we also dedicated ourselves to the predictions of the event together with "The REAL Messiah" Aldo Fiadone, "The Professor" Matteo Pagliarella, “Vale Frike” Valentino Spataro and Flavio Del Duca.

Below all the tables and useful references to follow Twitch channels (Open Wrestling TV) and Spreaker de PWC, a fundamental platform for connecting and expanding the product even within other windows such as Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Amazon Prime Music, but above all the Roman radio station, Radio Libera Tutti.

WWE legend Jim Cornette has once again gone out of his way to slam former AEW World Champion Jon Moxley for his recent performance against Sammy Guevara. "If you attempt to force any rules or parameters, [Jon] Moxley can’t have a f**king match, he refuses to, maybe he could, but we’ll never find out, he won’t," said Cornette.

"20 minutes to get to that point, could have been wonderful in 10 to 12 [minutes], drop the girls and try to have a wrestling match but nevertheless they got to do their stunts," the wrestling veteran added. "There was no need of it!

The babyface was going to win to begin with, they didn’t need to f**k him so you don’t need to run, and they were more than capable of doing a f**king false finish where Sammy [Guevara] looked like he almost had him but he barely kicked out that’s all that we got out of this interference."