Taz analyzes the problems of the AEW


Taz analyzes the problems of the AEW

Former ECW star Taz commented on AEW's last month troubles. Despite the backstage turmoil, AEW continues to be very successful and with excellent results. But what should have been remembered as a memorable night of great wrestling was overshadowed by the brawl involving CM Punk, Ace Steel, Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks behind the scenes after the All Out press conference.

Taz opens up on AEW

During an interview with Newsday, AEW commentator Taz talked about Tony Khan's federation problems and also noted that the pro wrestling business is like a train that never stops moving: "Everything that happened two weeks ago, last week or last night is now the past.

You always walk forward and upward. This is how it has been and will forever be in this business, no matter what happens in the future. The professional wrestling business is a train that never stops and will always keep moving forward." Former WWE and Impact Wrestling star EC3 also talked about AEW's troubles: "I think AEW has serious leadership issues.

This is really, one of the most important things in wrestling, in my opinion. You can't go. forward without someone capable of managing everything in the best possible way, otherwise even more serious problems can arise. For this reason I am happy that Triple H has taken command of the WWE, I think he is a true leader." After the post All Out brawl, CM Punk was also stripped of the AEW world heavyweight title and the Elite of their recently won Trios titles.

Not only that, both CM Punk and all members of the Elite have also been suspended, including Kenny Omega, who has returned to Dynamite a few weeks ago. Meanwhile, the new AEW champion has been crowned, Jon Moxley, who for the third time won the title after beating Bryan Danielson at Dynamite Grand Slam.

When it came to IMPACT, Taz stated multiple reasons ranging from the promotion failing to pay him, and he did not like the behavior of the people in the front office. "TNA [IMPACT] just had a horrible cash flow issue with paying people at that time so I left, wacky front office staff/system they had back than.

Well w/WWE i needed a break at that time from them so I didn't re-sign" Taz tweeted. Ricky Starks has been very impressive as well as the FTW champion since winning it from former Team Taz member Brian Cage.

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