Many wrestlers want to leave AEW

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Many wrestlers want to leave AEW
Many wrestlers want to leave AEW

Recently, as you well know, we reported that Malakai Black had requested to be fired from All Elite Wrestling, news confirmed first by some statements by journalists and then by himself. The wrestler on Instagram had in fact explained: "I want to thank all of you for the support and the messages you have sent me.

It has been weeks of chaos and I would have preferred that my conversations with AEW regarding my state of mental health had remained in private. As many of you will know, I consider myself a very private person and I do not think it is the case that these discussions are shared on the net, "and if you want to read the statements in full we invite you to visit the dedicated article:" Malakai Black breaks the silence on social media: 'I asked for the release from the AEW."

AEW is in big trouble

But that's not all, in fact according to Dave Meltzer the wrestler would be on hiatus, but close to a return to WWE after Vince McMahon decided to leave and leave everything in the hands of Stephanie and Triple H.

But like him, other stars of the AEW would have requested termination of the contract, as reported by Meltzer: “What we do know is that Black was one of the people that WWE reached even though he had signed a five-year contract with AEW.

When Paul Levesque took over from Vince McMahon, WWE reached out to a number of former WWE talents who were working there who had either left for themselves or who Vince McMahon had fired. Black wasn't the only one asking for his release [from AEW]." We just have to wait for more information about it given the very delicate situation in AEW and we invite you as always to stay connected here on our site so as not to miss all the news on the world of professional wrestling.

And if you haven't done so yet, follow our Instagram page to get the news just a click away. WWE Legend Eric Bischoff claimed that he was 'humiliated' for Tony Khan's endurance of CM Punk's comments at the controversial All Out media scrum.

"I just can't imagine what executives at Warner, Discovery are thinking about when now this is the second time that's happened, right? MJF did the same thing a couple months ago. And in front of by the way, a bunch of executives who were in the arena is from what I've heard."


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