Thunder Rosa reflects on Saraya

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Thunder Rosa reflects on Saraya
Thunder Rosa reflects on Saraya

During a chat on Busted Open Radio, Thunder Rosa talked about Saraya's debut in AEW saying, "I hope she's allowed to fight. She's going to teach a lot of girls a lot of cool things that they wouldn't have the chance to otherwise.

Wrestling has been her bread and butter for a long time and she knows her stuff. Before she was hired, she was in the indies in trouble just like everyone else. One of the things Saraya has is that she hasn't changed her core.

She continues to be the same person she was before. I'm really interested in getting to know her on another level. I know the fans are very excited to see her because they haven't seen her fight in a while and are very eager for that.

From a company and ratings standpoint, this will be great for ratings and great for the women's division. You can't deny it." Then he went on to say, “I want to go back to a way that you guys never saw me before Saraya got there, I'm like, 'Okay yes there's even more competition.'

Yes, I'm on top, but when there are bigger sharks in the tank you better start eating because you have to get bigger than the shark that wants to take what you have. So, it will be very interesting. It brings a lot into the women's division.

It carries a brand, something that is also needed in the division. This cannot be denied. I know Tony does a lot of things because he wants the ratings. We want to be number one. If you start something and you don't want to be number one, don't start."

Thunder Rosa on Saraya

Two sources known to wrestling fans, Fightful and the Wrestling Observer, have agreed that for now there seems to be no intention to make Saraya fight because even the AEW doctors have not yet given her the green light, but it is not to be excluded how option.

If you want to hear our opinion, you can retrieve the latest episode of the podcast of Donne Tra Le Corde entitled "Tea Time # 1: The return of Saraya and the Divas controversy." Thunder Rosa believes Saraya has years of experience that could help elevate the entire women's locker room.

"She has so much experience. She has been wrestling since a young girl. I met her mother a few years ago at an independent show. She is a wrestler’s wrestler. She would bring something different to the women’s division as a wrestler or even if we needed a general manager. If she came to our door, I think everybody will benefit from it."

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