Freddie Prinze Jr on Liv Morgan and her 'new' role

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Freddie Prinze Jr on Liv Morgan and her 'new' role

Freddie Prinze Jr. spoke about Liv Morgan and her role as a "heel" in "Wrestling With Freddy" “I thought [Morgan] was very good. She kept it simple, she didn’t try to oversell anything. She didn’t try to seem desperate.

She put her lie out there, ‘I’m the only person that’s beaten you twice.’ Which is true, but the way she won was still a lie, but now she’s taking this heel stance. Based off where she was last week when she watched Ronda wrestle, she was up in like a private suite looking down, which was kind of heelish.

“So I think they’re going the route. Now they wanted her to be a babyface, but I think they have to go the route of heel now. And I thought she did a pretty damned good job, and challenged Ronda to an Extreme Rules match which is probably the only way she can legit beat her because she can cheat, because there’s no rules.

And then that can maybe give us a heel champion for a babyface to chase”.

Ronda Rousey

And what is Rousey's role in all of this? “You’ll notice I didn’t mention what she did… they gave her as little dialogue as you possibly can.

I think she had three lines. But even the three lines were just…rough, man. It’s rough. She even had an easy one, like, ‘You want to challenge ME to an Extreme Rules match?’ It should have been like that, she should have almost been laughing on the line.

And instead like, she waits to breath until the line is over. “It’s just little acting [things]. If they just got her a little coach who said, ‘Hey, don’t forget to breath. Hey, you know how you laughed earlier when you talked to me because you thought I was full of s**t when I said I trained jiu-jitsu and I’m pretty good,’ and you were like, [chuckles] ‘Yeah, I bet you do.’ Do that when she challenges you.’ And it’s those kind of notes that can help people. You’ve just gotta give them the Cliff Notes”.