Cary Silkin commented on Chris Jericho's title

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Cary Silkin commented on Chris Jericho's title

Cary Silkin, the former owner of ROH, spoke to Busted Open Radio about Chris Jericho, who won the ROH World Championship, but then attacked Silkin outside the ring. “Absolutely, Chris Jericho brings more attention to the ROH letters, but he’s got Claudio [Castagnoli] there, he’s got Bryan Danielson there, Jay Lethal who I feel has not been used to his best ability at all, far from it.

But I’m not the guy with the pencil. But there’s enough guys with the true Ring of Honor lineage. Dalton was there… I was happy to see that. So, hopefully if this comes together, there will be a little more of the old school Ring of Honor vibe."

-- he said, as quoted by "It was a great experience. Jericho will get his [for putting his hands on me] and it’s gonna be interesting to see what they do with him, but as Tommy pointed out, the Ring of Honor Title will get a lot more attention and hopefully lead to this pie in the sky TV deal that Tony Khan’s been working on and I think he is”.

Silking and ROH PPV

Silkin recently talked about the ROH PPV events and that Khan could have done a lot more. Cary Silkin doesn't seem pleased. “No, not yet. Maybe Tony Khan will hear this and not be happy with what I said … He’s got so many people there that he’s going to use contracted AEW guys as opposed to bringing in Dalton Castle regularly or bringing in a Matt Taven or whoever else.

Hopefully some of these guys who are fringe but worthy wrestling talent like Taven, like Mike Bennett, other guys have signed with Impact already”. We have no doubt that Khan will make the most of every opportunity that is presented to him.