Cody Rhodes on his return: They know I'm stupid, and I'd try to test it

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Cody Rhodes on his return: They know I'm stupid, and I'd try to test it
Cody Rhodes on his return: They know I'm stupid, and I'd try to test it

After the torn pec that he experienced, there were speculations about the future of Cody Rhodes. The recovery period was 9 months, and his return could happen soon. In an interview with TMZ Sports, Rhodes announced a potential return, which made wrestling fans happy.

“No complaints. They’ve treated me like the house that built me, which they were. And honestly, it was amazing. We were back, and everything was rolling so fast, and then I tore my pec. It was like the best three months of my life.

Hopefully, get back to that soon. I was told I have the strength of an 11-year-old, but I was pretty strong at 11. Hopefully soon”. - he said, as quoted by

Cody Rhodes and his return

Cody still did not want to reveal the exact date of his return.

For him, the most important thing is that the recovery is complete and that he is maximally ready for the next challenges that await him. We can assume that he is impatient, but also cautious because he knows how important it is to be 100% ready.

We hope to see him as soon as possible and to enjoy his moves. “You know they haven’t really given me one because they know I’m stupid, and I’d try to test it. I got in my mind where I want to be, and I think a lot of fans have in their mind where I’d like to be, and that’s hopefully where it’s at.

Right now, I do actually agree with what’s going on because I think what happens next hopefully and what we do, and this is all speculative up in the air. Hopefully, it’s a run that people remember, and I got to be healthy for it”. Cody is currently one of the biggest stars of the wrestling scene and has a great career ahead of him.

Cody Rhodes

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