Miro excludes returning to WWE

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Miro excludes returning to WWE

In recent months Miro has signed a new contract (lasting 4 years) with All Elite Wrestling, but his current management does not seem to suit him very much. After winning the TNT Championship, the Bulgarian-born wrestler was "parked" in a rivalry with the House of Black, then stopped and at the moment there doesn't seem to be a definite direction for his character.

Known for his social digs, Miro wondered a few weeks ago why a guy whose name no one knew was facing the world champion at Rampage. Clear reference to the match between Mance Warner and Jon Moxley a few months ago. Mance regularly fights in MLW and took part in Ric Flair's Last Match event, but only a few weeks ago made his all-time debut at Rampage.

For many it was not a wise decision to immediately give him a match of this caliber to the detriment of other members of the roster, including Miro. In addition, in recent weeks, several AEW athletes have reconnected with WWE, thanks to the arrival at the head of the Triple H creative team, which has replaced Vince McMahon at the apex of the company's hierarchical pyramid.

Miro will not return to WWE

Although many names have been brought closer to the WWE, such as Malakai Black, Buddy Matthews, Adam Cole and many others, one of those who is certain to remain in All Elite Wrestling at the moment seems to be the former Rusev, Miro.

As confirmed in the last Wrestling Observer forum, by Ryan Frederick, Miro would have repeatedly expressed his intention to remain in AEW, with Frederick declaring in fact: "Miro doesn't want to go back. The only guys who really want to come back (in WWE ed) are the ones who have someone important with the other company.

"Basically, Frederick said that the only athletes interested in returning to WWE are those who have girlfriends or close friends in the company of the McMahons and since Miro no longer has anyone (including Lana) in the McMahon rings, he no longer has any ties that would bring him back to Stamford.

We'll see in the coming weeks if other wrestlers rejoin the WWE, like the many recent returns or if those names will remain in AEW. Miro had only good things to say about the owner of All Elite Wrestling: "I'm thankful to Tony Khan, we got in contact — he's such a good dude, he's such a great owner.

He's very open to talk to with creative and ideas. He's around everybody, he's not hiding, none of that. His energy is great, he just wants the best, man, and that's all it is."