Uncertain future for The Young Bucks?

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Uncertain future for The Young Bucks?

After being suspended due to the brawl with CM Punk following the post All Out press conference, the future of the Young Bucks, Matt and Nick Jackson continues to be the subject of much speculation. Rumors of a possible Bucks goodbye to AEW have continued to spread since a rumor broke that the Young Bucks had been contacted by WWE.

However, Fightful Select reported that the former AEW duo champions have never been in contact with the federation that competes with Tony Khan's.

The Young Bucks were not contacted by WWE

Some sources close to the Young Bucks said they had heard nothing of the two athletes having contact with WWE.

Additionally, the source noted how they wouldn't know who to talk to about WWE to figure out they were interested in signing them within the Stamford federation. Additionally, Fightful Select also revealed that the Young Bucks were happy in AEW prior to ppv All Out, but now we need to see the aftermath of the behind-the-scenes brawl and see if that changed their mind.

Right now, WWE may have all it takes to sign the Bucks. A source close to Stamford's federation management told Fightful Select that the company would be open to arrivals from Matt and Nick Jackson. The two brothers signed with AEW in 2018, and the source claims they may be ready to change sides after a long time.

Despite this, the source hasn't reached out to anyone in WWE to confirm the indiscretion, so at the moment it remains so. Even as reported by Dave Meltzer, the Young Bucks have not been contacted by WWE. Despite this, however, as the source close to the Bucks also claims, the former AEW Pair champions in case they were interested in joining AEW, Triple H would not think more than twice to bring them to his court.

At the moment everything is silent, what is certain however is that in the future of the Bucks if there were not to be the AEW, there would certainly be the WWE. Jim Cornette has slammed the Young Bucks' behavior towards Cody Rhodes since he departed from AEW.

"But they [Young Bucks] conveniently leave Cody out of all of that stuff because he was the misfit toy, he was the one that didn't fit the picture from the start," said Cornette. "We've mentioned that and now they've just decided to erase him like he didn't have any- he probably had more to do with it than most people because he was able to have a grown-up adult conversation with other business executives that may have come in contact with where they'd be looking at Harpo and the f**king kids and go 'what the f**k is this all about."