All the details on Jeff Hardy's arrest

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All the details on Jeff Hardy's arrest

On June 13, 2022, Jeff Hardy was arrested in Volusia County, Florida, for drunk driving and other misdemeanors. This 'accident' resulted in his third arrest in the last five years. Previously, he was stopped in 2018 and 2019 for the same reason.

The 'Charismatic Enigma' was suspended from All Elite Wrestling with immediate effect and forced to go to rehabilitation. According to Dave Meltzer a couple of weeks ago, the former WWE star may be 'out of rehab very soon'

Despite his problems outside the ring, Cameron's 45-year-old has established himself as one of the most electrifying performers of the modern era. In addition to being a six-time world champion, he was the ninth wrestler in WWE history to complete the Grand Slam and one of only five to have succeeded in both formats.

In the latest edition of 'Story Time', Dutch Mantell went back to Jeff's arrest and expressed his concern about it.

Dutch Mantell opens up on Jeff Hardy

“The reason the officers pulled their guns was discovered later.

Jeff Hardy was going about 90mph on that highway, insane speed. Standard protocol does not involve drawing the gun, but the police did so because they feared he was a fugitive. Driving at that speed, it could be a man who was running away or who wanted to hide something” - explained Mantell.

“Jeff was very drunk. He could barely stand up and failed all balance tests. His BAC was nearly four times the legal limit in the state of Florida. He was lucky not to die and above all not to have killed other people” - he added.

Dutch also commented on Vince McMahon's sensational retirement: “I still don't understand how the Wall Street Journal learned all those details. I doubt that it was someone from the inside. For me there is something strange."

Lance Storm shared his two cents centered around Jeff Hardy's latest issue. "He (Jeff Hardy) is really hurting, he is really banged up, and he is doing Swantons on the steel stairs. He continues to get booked in dangerous matches and a willingness to do stunt matches.

We also have a decades-long history of injuries of guys being all beat up in pro wrestling that leads to self medication. That’s something that needs to be addressed because there are a lot of people working really hurt, and this is in every company, there are stunt matches on every show with guys that are getting hurt, and then we have people with substance issues. It is a scary combination," Storm said.