AEW Chants at RAW Main Event

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AEW Chants at RAW Main Event

The WWE is currently on top of the wrestling industry. For a long time, they have been number 1. The only time they were defeated many years ago was by the WCW. WCW was the only brand that had the money and the star power to beat WWE.

They beat the WWE in ratings for a huge number of weeks, but the WWE managed to beat them in the end. The WWE later acquired the WCW and all of its assets and ended the period called the ‘Monday Night Wars’. In order to beat the WWE, a promotion must have millions of dollars to spend and organize events at the most popular arenas in the US.

The only promotion that might come close to beating the WWE is All Elite Wrestling. Other indie promotion such as Ring of Honor, NJPW and Impact Wrestling do not have the money required to beat the WWE. AEW is getting popular and AEW chants could be heard during the main event of RAW this week.

The chants were heard during the commercial break and ruined the main event of the post-WrestleMania RAW. Cody Rhodes then posted a GIF on the AEW Twitter account which was basically an acknowledgement video for the fans. According to reports, WWE is worried a bit about AEW as they began locking down their talent by offering them long term deals.