CM Punk's career may be over

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CM Punk's career may be over

After everything that has happened not only recently, but also throughout his career, it seems that CM Punk's career, which we know was not exactly easy, may have come to an end. In fact, during the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, reporter Nick Hausman made it known the following: "Money doesn't seem to be a problem for this guy.

He's making his way to Hollywood right now. Stephen Amell has definitely shown him what they're doing. trying to do on Heels. I have a lot of people who have known Punk saying to me, 'This guy is not going to fight again'" The Chicago athlete therefore may have completed his career, not so gloriously, in the AEW rings, despite his positive impact, in fact, according to the Wrestlenomics report, his appearances have increased television ratings.

. The pay-per-views in which he appeared were the best sellers for AEW. Not only that, four of the top ten best-selling items of the year for AEW on ProWrestlingTees are by him. In short, a rather important and also profitable arrival for the federation.

CM Punk is in trouble

In an interview with Louis Dangoor of GiveMeSport, it would emerge from WrestleVotes that as of last July, Triple H has never had any interest in returning CM Punk to WWE: “If you have to be direct enough, I think Triple H hasn't going to have nothing to do with CM Punk.

This is what I was told in July. I don't think Punk has any plans to come to WWE either." Ric Flair is also of the idea that his return to WWE is out of the question: "At this point and age, I could say I could see anything.

I mean, it would be very hated. I wasn't there when it all happened. Like I said before, I only saw him once to say hi to me. But that complaint and the lawsuit with the doctor and all, I don't know how the guys can take this. I don't think you can run as a wrestler of the 'year when you do such a thing." Former WWE personality Dutch Mantell claimed that CM Punk could possibly disrupt AEW in the aftermath of the Brawl Out incident.

It was alleged that the Bucks and Omega stormed into The Second City Saint's locker room by kicking in the door. "That's the greatest ace that he has if does decide to sue is part of the management came into his dressing room aggressively and in his viewpoint, they came in there to attack him and they can....

of course they're going to deny it all day long but if this goes to any kind of a trial, that's going to be a big sticking point so I don't see him coming back," Mantell said.