Renee Paquette Speaks About Interviewing MJF

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Renee Paquette Speaks About Interviewing MJF

Renee Paquette is a famous professional wrestling personality and interviewer, and she recently spoke about interviewing MJF, who is at the moment AEW’s most popular heel wrestler. Renee is a former WWE employee and was incredibly famous throughout the world.

Even after leaving the WWE, she continued her podcast, during which she interviewed some of the most famous wrestlers and wrestling personalities in the world. She, therefore, remained relevant, even though she wasn’t working for any major wrestling promotion for several months after leaving the WWE.

Renee Paquette Speaks About Her Promo Segment with MJF on Dynamite

She is now part of the AEW, which is WWE’s main rival right now. Of course, AEW is far from beating the WWE. They still struggle to get good rating and their shows are not doing as well as WWE’s.

Renee, however, has the chance to interview who some consider being the best heel wrestler in the world, MJF. Many people believe that MJF is incredible on the mic. Many people actually liked the segment where Renee interviewed MJF, as MJF managed to insult Renee very creatively a few times.

She spoke about it on the ‘AEW Unrestricted' podcast. "I was happy to see that I was doing a promo with MJF pretty early on, because I kind of wanted to witness what he does up close like that," Paquette explained. "I used to do a lot of promos with Paul Heyman and that's something, like that, like, kind of performance.

I like being able to work with people like that because it gives me so much to do," she added, "Even if it's just a small facial reaction or something," she added. "That's what I love getting to do, stuff like that. So it was fun getting to do some of that stuff with MJF." The interview took place on the 26th of October.

MJF actually spoke to Renee Paquette about Jon Moxley, who is also Renee’s real-life husband. MJF will fight Jon Moxley soon. Jon currently holds the AEW World Title. The match is going to take place at AEW Full Gear, and if MJF wins, he will become the new AEW World Champion.

During the promo, MJF actually promised Renee that he would use his Dynamite Diamond Ring to win the title. MJF and Jon have also collided in the past and have some history.