Saraya makes a very sweet confession


Saraya makes a very sweet confession

In the latest installment of AEW Dynamite, Saraya and Britt Baker came face to face in the ring, continuing this rivalry that has been going on since Saraya made her All Elite Wrestling debut. During that segment, the ex Paige announced to the whole world that doctors have officially given her the green light to be able to perform in the ring again, meaning she will be back fighting as she did before that nasty injury she had doubted for hand of Sasha Banks, who obviously had no intention of costing her her career.

Saraya and Britt Baker will definitely clash in a single match during AEW Full Gear and the audience can't wait to admire the Englishman's work in the ring to understand where he is after all these years.

Saraya reflects on Sasha Banks

During a chat with Renee Paquette on her podcast The Sessions, Saraya gave some more details about the green light of the doctors and also said she wrote immediately to Sasha Banks after the good news received: "I will not do absurd things, but I don't want to I am well aware of what I can and cannot do.

I will not get kicked in the back of the head again and it was my fault, again, all my fault. The first person I wrote to was Sasha, one of the first people. All that stuff [the accusations against Sasha for the injury], can mentally ruin you.

A lot of people pitted us against each other, her fans were attacking me, my fans were attacking her. There was a small percentage, but they attacked each other and are always the loudest. They gave in, they still gave in. They tweeted me, 'I'm so glad Sasha broke your neck.'

People wrote to her: 'How dare you put an end to someone's career. You are not a safe person [to work with]. It is an accident. It happens in wrestling. I told her, 'Hey sister, I just want to let you know, as the whole thing has been tough on you mentally, but my doctor gave me the green light and told me my neck is 100% ready for to go.

I haven't told anyone else, but I know this will make you feel good. I'm back. "She was like: 'I'm so happy.' She was over the moon. I told her: 'I don't want to see you suffer anymore'" The former Divas Champion was forced to announce her retirement from in-ring competition after taking a kick from The Boss.

"My neck just friggin snapped back like I was in a car crash. And then I was like paralyzed for like a couple of minutes, which is the most terrifying thing. I just remember laying there, and then I didn't cry, but I knew instantly I was just like, 'This is it like I'm done? Like, I'm toast, right?' I look over and I see Sasha [Banks], Bayley and there's Mickie James and everyone."

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