CM Punk returns to be seen in public

CM Punk was one of the most controversial athletes to ever set foot in the WWE ring

by Simone Brugnoli
CM Punk returns to be seen in public

After what happened to AEW All Out, CM Punk has been suspended from the company and by now it is almost certain that he will not return to be seen in Tony Khan's shows, as backstage is not very popular right now. There are even those who claim that he just won't fight again, as recently said by Wrestling Observer journalist Nick Hausman: "Money doesn't seem to be a problem for this guy.

He's making his way to Hollywood right now. Stephen Amell It definitely showed them what they're trying to do on Heels. I have a lot of people who have known Punk telling me, 'This guy isn't going to fight again'" The Chicago athlete therefore may have completed his career, not so gloriously, in the AEW rings, despite his positive impact, in fact, according to the Wrestlenomics report, his appearances have increased the ratings.

televisions. The pay-per-views in which he appeared were the best sellers for AEW. Not only that, four of the top ten best-selling items of the year for AEW on ProWrestlingTees are by him. In short, a rather important and also profitable arrival for the federation.

New details on CM Punk

After the many weeks that have kept him away from television, CM Punk reappears returning in Cage Fury Fighting Championships by joining the commentary table for CFFC 114, an event that aired on UFC Fight Pass.

Punk signed on to comment for the CFFC in November 2018, making his debut at CFFC 71. The Chicago athlete went on to become a regular commentator for the following events, but his appearances began to wane after signing with All Elite Wrestling in August 2021.

For now there is no definitive news on the future of CM Punk, but always stay connected on our site so as not to miss the various updates. Wrestling legend Dutch Mantell addressed the possibility of WWE bringing CM Punk back.

On the latest edition of Sportskeeda Wrestling's SmackTalk, Dutch Mantell told Sid Pullar III that he thinks The Game will prevent the seven-time World Champion from ever returning to WWE. "Triple H is going to stop CM Punk from ever setting foot in WWE.

And they [WWE] don't need him. If this had been three months ago, they needed everything three months ago. But they kind of filled those gaps in and I don't think there's any need for CM Punk. But I don't think we'll see him there.

The longer these talks [AEW negotations] go on with Punk, the greater the lawsuit from his side. And I think they'll end up paying a bunch of money to get rid of him."

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