Tony Schiavone reflects on his son


Tony Schiavone reflects on his son

Tony Schiavone has been one of AEW's most celebrated personalities since its foundation; then, over three years ago. In these hours, Schiavone announced to the world the signing of his son Matt as producer for Tony Khan's company, during the latest podcast 'What Happened When'

Tony Schiavone speaks about his son

Tony Schiavone's son, Matt has always been a huge wrestling fan and always wanted to work in the federation where his father was. However, Tony Schiavone believes he unknowingly prevented his son from working in WWE: “He was the producer of America's Newsroom with Bill Hemmer and Dana Perino on Fox but he has always been a wrestling fan.

He has always wanted to work in the wrestling world. Several years ago with WWE something went wrong and I'm sure one of the main reasons was the fact that he was my son." In addition, Schiavone explained why he thinks WWE hates him: “I think Matt could only have gone to WWE if he hadn't been my son.

In that place they hate me and it has always been like that. When WWE wanted to hire me, they would hire me to fire me. This is exactly what they would have done before I signed with AEW. That's the only reason they wanted to hire me.

They knew AEW was about to be born, they knew they wanted me, and they would just take me to snatch me from the competition so they could get rid of me later." Schiavone also explained that he was opposed to Matt getting a job at AEW because of his job at broadcaster Fox.

Undaunted, however, the son made himself known by numerous figures in the company and eventually convinced Tony Khan himself to hire him. About his son's will to join AEW, Tony Schiavone revealed: “he spoke to many people at AEW to know what he had to do and how he should have done things to be hired.

Eventually, he flew to Detroit and waited for Tony Khan after the show. She talked to him for a long time and hired him. He thought he needed Matt Schiavone as a backstage producer." Tony Schiavone is one of the voices of AEW, but long before, he commentated for Dynamite, he worked for WWE back in the day from 1989 to 1990.

“I had a great year with them. Before I started working with AEW, I would consider the WWF my best year in pro wrestling. I love working there and I got along with Vince McMahon. His children were very young at that time.

They weren't in the business. It was 1989. I got to know Vince. I got to know Linda McMahon very well. They treated me very well. But I had grown up in the South. I had grown up in Virginia."

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