Could MJF become face?

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Could MJF become face?

MJF is one of the best wrestlers around in this period and because of his great potential he always keeps talking about himself. During the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, celebrated reporter Bryan Alvarez talked about MJF, revealing that there are several people in AEW who want to make him a real babyface.

The former Pinnacle leader is having a great time and since his return to All Out has become one of the company's most acclaimed athletes.

Bryan Alvarez on MJF

On Maxwell Jacob Friedman's possible turn face, Alvarez revealed: "Ever since he returned, fans have been cheering for him.

When he first came back, he wasn't supposed to be a babyface, but a heel. everyone cheered him on. For several weeks they started making sure he was booed during the show. Now they're not doing anything like that anymore. Many would sign to see MJF being babyface.

Several people agree on one. idea like that. All I can say is that there are people within AEW who firmly believe they have to make him babyface. They feel he could be a big star in this new way for AEW as well. He has all the credentials to do so.

this change due to this point." Alvarez himself revealed that the initial plans for MJF's return were other: "There are people who believe he could be one of the best babyfaces of this generation. That wasn't the intention when he returned, but things change and anything could happen".

Recently, his colleague Dave Meltzer also revealed earlier on Wrestling Observer Radio that MJF wants to remain a heel and doesn't want to be a babyface. William Regal, former General Manager of NXT now at AEW, also spoke about him and WWE's refusal to sign him after he auditioned during the "Gentlemen Villain" podcast.

AEW star MJF has picked HOOK, the son of WWE legend Taz, to win a significant accolade from a wrestling publication amid solid competition. MJF chimed in by claiming that no one was watching Dragon Gate except Meltzer and other hardcore fans.

"No one knows who the fu**s in dragon gate in America outside of you and a 1000 randos. Hook takes the cake and that’s coming from a guy who thinks he’s a poor. The fact I have to tweet this when I’m in immense pain after The Firm's attack is sad. The things you do to me dave," MJF tweeted.