Jim Cornette: "AEW don’t need Jeff Jarrett, because.."

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Jim Cornette: "AEW don’t need Jeff Jarrett, because.."

Jim Cornette talked about Jeff Jarrett's signing with AEW on his show. Cornette doesn't seem to be happy with things like this, and it seems to him that Jarrett should have had a different role. “As much as I like Jeff Jarrett’s work, even though he’s in good shape at his age, better shape than most people are at any age.

Goddamn, they don’t need him in the ring at this point, they need him in the office. But if he’s going to be in the office he shouldn’t come out doing angles busting people open and promising body bags. But Punk returned who was, again, I’ll give each man their proper respect.

CM Punk didn’t grow up in the wrestling business and didn’t f*cking start his own promotion multiple times like Jeff did. But Jeff honestly has never been in a position as money drawing talent to what CM Punk was.

So Punk came and did bring business, did bring pay-per-view buys, did bring house show gates, did bid bring ratings, and they still couldn’t get close to the WWE”. Jeff Jarrett is not going to bring the numbers in those categories that Punk did as a wrestler.

Jeff Jarrett should have been brought in as a guy who again has dealt with every goddamn wrestler in some fashion or another and has been in business for the last 25 or 30 years. And whether some people don’t like him or not, he knows how to f*cking [run a business]”.

- he said, as quoted by pwmania.com

Cornette on Jerrett

Cornette believes that Jerrett is a man who is of great help to the company.
“He was the one, it wasn’t Dixie Carter for f*ck sake. He was the one that kept all those disparate, obnoxious, egotistical, and/or motivated or unmotivated personalities in TNA on the same page most of the time for quite a few years.

I would not only have Jeff’s input in promoting live events, which is his strong point. Finding local sponsors, local tie-ins, getting people in the buildings to buy tickets”. “But I would also have him be the one who as a guy, again, who’s been in every position in this business, promoter, booker matchmaker, creative team, wrestler, etc.

There’s your talent relations guy because at least he can talk to them as a wrestler instead of a modern entitled pr*ck or god damn nobody or never was that nobody’s going to listen to”.