Wrestling legend slams MJF

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Wrestling legend slams MJF

Despite a period in which many professionals in the sector gave him away from the AEW, MJF is considered one of the best heels in the federation of Tony Khan and beyond, going well beyond the rosiest expectations of him.

Additionally, MJF triumphed in the Casino Ladder Match at All Out, also getting the opportunity to go for Jon Moxley's AEW title. In the latest episode of Dynamite, MJF clashed verbally with William Regal, with fans marveling at the promos of the two protagonists.

William Regal speaks about MJF

During the Gentleman Villain podcast, William Regal revealed interesting anecdotes about Friendman and also the WWE: “Now the one speaking will be Darren and not William Regal. First of all, this thing bothered me but not that much actually.

What I told him last time was real, that is, if for him getting that extra email was a way to go on a rampage, to get good at what he was doing, then I succeeded, I achieved my goal. But it is sad that this has been his main problem in these 7 years of career.

By now he is well known, he doesn't even remember it anymore. Also not long after we met, I had two brain hemorrhages and was completely isolated from the rest of the world. I was having treatments because I had 3 weeks of amnesia and WWE managed not to get any emails.

Even today I don't know the real reason for this choice by the federation. There was a lot of people on my list. Ricky Starks is one of them, Sammy Guevara is another person I have lost sight of for a long time because of that period." William Regal then concluded by wandering MJF a bit: "At 19, I don't consider you a child at all, if you are maybe you have had a life that is too comfortable.

Maybe at 19, and I mean maybe, it shows you that you are absolutely not ready. If an email pisses him off, imagine that he shows up at the WWE PC and has to work hard five days a week, perhaps getting scolded almost every day, things are probably not going well.

In AEW, on the other hand, they are doing very well for him." Cody Rhodes left AEW for a triumphant WWE return at WrestleMania earlier this year, but that doesn't mean MJF will follow the same path. "No... The only thing I care about at this point at 26 years of age is where will I make the most amount of money?...

I think if AEW is willing to pay me enough to put the company on my back and build it up so that one day we have a hundred thousand people at an event I don't see what the difference is," MJF said.