Abadon stops due to injury

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Abadon stops due to injury

According to a new report from PWInsider, All Elite Wrestling wrestler Abadon suffered an injury last weekend while in the ring of the independent Warriors Of Wrestling federation in Staten Island, New York for an event.

Colleagues at the site claim that Abadon tried to make a Hurricanrana on his opponent, but instead landed incorrectly and injured himself. The meeting was stopped immediately after the injury, and Abadon was eventually * taken * to a local hospital for a thorough check-up.

Abadon got injured

PWInsider always thought about answering the question. Below we leave you the words of the site: “AEW star Abadon was injured while fighting over the weekend for the promotion of Staten Island, NY's Warriors of Wrestling.

PWInsider.com was told Abadon was performing a Hurricanrana against Joey Ace when he landed badly and got hurt. The match was stopped immediately and Ababon was * taken * to the hospital. According to rumors, Abadon probably broke his collarbone.

There is no word on how long it may be out of the action." Abadon was * seen * recently with a WWE superstar at a convention, and we're talking about Liv Morgan who posted the photo on her social media profiles, even sparking the jealousy of her former tag team partner Rhea Ripley a little.

Not so long ago, Chris Jericho said, “Abadon is a really creepy gimmick and he's signed with us and he's going to be a huge force in the women's division because he looks like some kind of Evil Dead zombie combined with Train to Busan, or something like that.

So that's cool stuff. So you haven't seen a match of him on AEW Dark, go watch him because he's good to watch him fight and he even manages to look real." AEW might have one of the biggest rosters in the industry, but there's seemingly always more room for talent.

"He’s not only a great kid but he’s a great performer. He carries himself like a champion, he dresses great, [how] he conducts himself – he’s perfect. And why he’s not with the WWE? I don’t know.

Whichever one gets him – it will be AEW or WWE – whichever one gets him will be very lucky. He brings a lot of professionalism with him wherever he goes," Flair said. It remains to be seen where the star will end up, but the bridge back to the NWA seems to be thoroughly burnt.