MJF Speaks About The Bidding War of 2024

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MJF Speaks About The Bidding War of 2024

MJF is currently the top star in the AEW right now and he spoke about the famous ‘bidding war of 2024’. MJF is actually referring to his contract expiring in 2024, which according to reports is actually real. When he talks about a ‘bidding war’, he actually kind of suggests that he will be open to joining the WWE if the WWE offers him a better deal than AEW.

MJf Talks About Joining the Company That Will Simply Give Him A Better Deal

After CM Punk’s injury, MJF became the biggest star in the company. He is AEW’s top draw at the moment and he is all set to face Jon Moxley at AEW Full Gear.

The event will take place this Saturday and it will be held in Newark, N.J. It isn’t very far away from Long Island, N.Y. which is MJF’s hometown. Many people believe that he will never actually leave the AEW, and he just talks about the bidding war as it is part of his character.

Many wrestling veterans actually believe that MJF is currently the top heel in the professional wrestling world today. MJF returned to AEW TV in September. He was previously taken off AEW TV after a promo that he cut, during which he complained about not being paid as well as the other professional wrestlers that were not doing the numbers that he was doing for AEW.

Many wrestling fans believe that AEW had to offer him more than just a raise to bring him back to AEW TV. During an interview with The New York Post, MJF stated that the only reason why he came back to AEW was that he was given a raise which if the only thing that motivated him to stay with the AEW.

"I know the truth. I most certainly haven't (regarding receiving other than a raise)," MJF said. "I think that wrestling fans are kind of just doing that to kid themselves so maybe they feel a little less heartbroken as things are going on." MJF then went on to say that he will join the company that simply offers him a better deal.

He even stated that he is open to going to Hollywood if he thinks that the money is right. He also did give Tony Khan, the AEW President, credit for only one thing during the interview. "What happens after the fact [in 2024] is entirely up to AEW management if they are willing to shell out the proper amount of money," MJF said.

"Now I'll tell you this, bonus and brownie points from Tony Khan for paying me what he's paying me now with no extension. He did not have to do that."