MJF did an amazing promo

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MJF did an amazing promo

Apparently the public has literally gone crazy for one of the classic MJF promos that as always keep us glued to the screen, even if this time the All Elite Wrestling has decided for some reason to make them do it with the cameras off once the episode of Dynamite is over.

However, thanks to a user, CorporalCabbage, the promo video was released, which our colleagues at Fightful have kindly transcribed and which we now want to translate for you.

MJF wowed everyone

By stepping into the ring after the show, MJF delivered a passionate message while AEW President Tony Khan was in the ring.

He began by stating that AEW has faced a lot in recent months, pointing out that despite the problems that have existed between him and Khan, the man works hard to give wrestling fans an alternative. "I'd like to do a quick thing with all of you.

Give me a second. No bullshit. Listen to me all quickly. A lot of bullshit has gone on, a lot of bullshit. We all know that. However, let me do something pure. Me and [ Tony], we've disagreed once or twice. I won't stand here and pretend it isn't.

But there's something I don't like that I've seen lately. Everybody make some noise if you're a professional wrestling fan. You think you're a wrestling fan. Imagine for a second, if you had the chance to bring your love of professional wrestling to the world and create an alternative, would you? week to give not only you, but to give all the guys backstage the opportunity to show the world how much we love professional wrestling." Then he added, "This shit is not ballet.

Every time we step into this ring, we risk our lives. Do you understand that? We don't take it lightly. What I sure don't take lightly is someone joining my company. That shit won't happen anymore because this is the place. The only reason he's here is because of Tony Khan, f * ck.

Without AEW, professional wrestling would be a monopoly. Not Get me wrong, I love WWE, trust me, I love WWE. But without Tony Khan your favorite fighters would do nothing." Renee Paquette said AEW has a huge roster. Among them, MJF is arguably one of the best talents, especially on the microphone.

"I kind of wanted to witness what he does up close like that. I used to do a lot of promos with Paul Heyman and that's something like that, like, kind of performance. I like being able to work with people like that because it gives me so much to do... So it was fun getting to do some of that stuff with MJF."