Saraya Speaks About Using ‘The Boss’ During Her Promo

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Saraya Speaks About Using ‘The Boss’ During Her Promo

Saraya, formerly known as Paige in the WWE, recently made her return to professional wrestling by joining AEW. Before being an AEW wrestler, she was a very famous WWE wrestler. In fact, many would argue that she was probably the most famous female wrestler at one time in the WWE.

She won the Divas Title by beating AJ Lee during her main roster debut.

Saraya Speaks About Which Boss She Was Referring to During Her Promo

After battling drug addiction, Saraya could make her return to professional wrestling.

She was also retired for some time as she suffered a horrible neck injury. In fact, she stated during various interviews that she would never be able to wrestle again as her neck was not in a good condition. However, she recently stated that she is medically cleared to wrestle and will face Brit Baker at AEW Full Gear.

Ever since making her debut, many people wondered which ‘Boss’ she was referring to during her promo. That promo was also heavily criticized as many people believe that she appeared very nervous and didn’t have the confidence that she used to have when she was still a full-time active professional wrestler.

On The Sessions podcast, she spoke about which ‘Boss’ she was referring to during her promo. It is quite clear that the WWE did not wish to have Saraya around as she was actually not useful for the company anymore.

She still has a huge set of fans as she was a very active Twitch steamer. "I wish I didn't even say 'The Boss' thing," Saraya said. "I feel like they got confused with Triple H, and Triple H has always been a fantastic boss to me.

Like I really enjoyed my time in 'NXT,' I always had the best matches at 'NXT,' too. I had so much fun there, and he always did listen to me. So I feel like people got a little confused with that. ... And I was just trying to do character stuff.

It wasn't anything personal, you know? People already know, when I do interviews, I talk nothing but positivity about WWE and my time there, and I have nothing against them." Since Saraya kind of praised Triple H, it appears that she never had a problem with him as she was basically working for Triple H During her time at NXT.

With this, it was clear that she was referring to Vince McMahon, who is well-known for actually not listening to most of his wrestlers.