Will Thunder Rosa Be Stripped Of Her AEW Women’s Title

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Will Thunder Rosa Be Stripped Of Her AEW Women’s Title

Thunder Rosa is actually the current AEW Women’s Champion, and she might actually be stripped as she is not currently active at all. She has been sidelined for a very long time due to an injury. Tony Storm is the current AEW Interim Women’s Champion.

Many people believe that Rosa should be stripped as a champion that cannot fight is no longer a champion. Rosa has been dealing with a bad back injury. The back injury is bad enough to keep her out of the world of professional wrestling for a very long time.

Tony Khan Speaks About Whether He Will Strip Thunder Rosa

There is a chance that Rosa may actually never return to wrestle professionally for AEW. So far, the promotion has not given any updates on when we will see her, or if we ever will.

Rosa herself has not commented on when she will return either. So it is only a matter of time according to many people before Tony Khan will be forced to strip her and make tony Storm the actual AEW Women’s World Champion.

Tony Khan recently spoke about Thunder Rosa during Thursday's AEW Full Gear media call. Tony Khan was asked whether he may ask Rosa to relinquish her AEW Women’s World Title. Tony Khan stated that he might be forced to do it if she does not make a return anytime soon.

"It's something we have considered," Khan said. "It's something to consider. I'm still weighing the pros and cons. Thunder Rosa's a great wrestler, and it's unfortunate that she's injured.

It's kept her out a long time. It's not an easy situation," Khan added, "and I try to take everything on a case-by-case basis, and am trying to give Thunder Rosa every opportunity to come back and defend the championship.

But eventually, you would have to crown a lineal champion." During a recent update by Rosa, she stated that she is recovering slowly, she managed to run for the first time in several months according to her social media posts.

However, her recovery is extremely slow, which means that she will probably not be able to return anytime soon. Also, Tony Storm is actually viral in the AEW right now, so it only makes sense for AEW to crown her as the lineal women’s world champion, even though she never beat Thunder Rosa for the title.