Toni Storm on Thunder Rosa: I believe she should probably be stripped of the title

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Toni Storm on Thunder Rosa: I believe she should probably be stripped of the title

Toni Storm is the interim AEW World Women's Champion after the big star Thunder Rosa suffered an injury. Such things brought a certain confusion in AEW, but we will have to wait for the return of Rosa. In an interview with The Ringer, Toni Storm revealed what she thinks about the current situation and whether Rosa should lose the title if she doesn't return soon.

“Personally, I think she should just come to work and defend her championship like she’s supposed to, like a champion should. But if the injury lingers too long, I believe she should probably be stripped. And then I should be the AEW undisputed Women’s World Champion like I was supposed to be at All Out.

That’s verbatim. I think she should defend her title. I think all champions should defend that championship. That doesn’t just go for Thunder Rosa. That goes for everybody”. - she said, as quoted by

Toni Storm and Thunder Rosa

In an interview with Bleacher Report, Storm talked about her desire to finally hold a match against Ross and show who deserves the title.

“I guess my first thing would be to beat Thunder Rosa and stop this interim nonsense. That’s kind of what’s been bothering me. I think that’s been bothering a lot of people because she’s still calling herself the AEW women’s world champion and I’m the one here every week doing the work”.

“Right now. I guess it’s about being a good champion, being a strong champion. That’s what I’m up against every day. I’m working harder than I ever had in my entire career. The time is now. I look at every week as just an opportunity to prove myself.

I love giving it my all and who knows where we go from here? But all I know is I’m gonna continue to work hard”.